Contemplating Black Friday: Perspectives and Considerations

Black Friday, a day associated with both excitement and controversy, elicits diverse opinions and emotions. While there is nothing inherently wrong with seeking bargains and engaging in shopping activities, it is essential to acknowledge the negative aspects that often accompany this event, such as greed, violence, chaos, and selfishness.

It is important to recognize that Black Friday holds different meanings for different individuals. Each person’s perspective may vary, and rather than becoming irritated by contrasting views, it is beneficial to seek understanding.

From my personal standpoint, I hold a relatively positive sentiment towards Black Friday. I anticipate the day as an opportunity to avail significant discounts on items that contribute to my personal growth, happiness, and well-being, such as supplements, books, journals, and planners. These are products I regularly purchase throughout the year, and the intensified effect of acquiring them at reduced prices on Black Friday contributes to a sense of satisfaction.

However, my appreciation for Black Friday does not imply an endorsement of all its associated aspects.

I do not endorse materialism or our consumer-driven culture. Extensive research demonstrates the adverse effects of materialistic values, leading to increased levels of misery, anxiety, depression, selfishness, and strained relationships. Instead, I strive for a simple, minimalistic lifestyle, minimizing the significance of material possessions and focusing on healthier choices.

Selfishness and greed are also not values I endorse. They engender unhappiness, narrow our perspectives, and drive undesirable behavior. In contrast, I promote kindness, compassion, generosity, and caring for one another, striving to cultivate these values within myself and inspire them in others.

I firmly reject violence, confrontations, traffic accidents, and any harm inflicted upon others, including instances of trampling or endangering lives.

I disapprove of marketing campaigns that exploit people’s fears and insecurities solely for profit generation. Scams, mistreatment of individuals, animal cruelty, environmental exploitation, and any form of unethical behavior receive no endorsement from me.

It is worth noting what I personally refrain from doing on Black Friday. I do not engage in mindless shopping sprees, visit malls, impulsively purchase unnecessary items, or browse through countless deals pages. My actions prioritize avoiding harm to others, consciously choosing products aligned with my values, and abstaining from purchases associated with dubious companies.

Regardless of the occasion, I strive to live in alignment with my values, convictions, and sense of right and wrong.

Black Friday itself is neither inherently good nor bad, much like stormy weather or a broken leg. It simply exists. Our focus should primarily be on ourselves, ensuring that our actions are virtuous and righteous, rather than excessively concerning ourselves with external factors.