Your credit score can be likened to a financial grade, informing lenders about the level of risk involved in entering into a transaction with you. For potential homeowners, credit scores are especially crucial because a high score signifies a higher probability of loan repayment. Consequently, mortgage lenders are more inclined to provide larger loans and offer reduced interest rates.

Discovering your credit score is a straightforward process if you know the right places to look. In fact, there are three uncomplicated methods to ascertain your credit score — at no cost!

Online Access

There is an abundance of online businesses that deliver free credit scores. These include financial management firms like Credit Karma, credit tutorial platforms such as, and web-based credit management utilities like Credit Sesame.

Inquire from Your Bank

Several lending institutions — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, USAA, State Employees Credit Union, and Ally Financial — have recently declared that they now furnish their patrons with free credit scores.

Review Your Credit Card Statement

An increasing number of credit card providers include free credit scores as part of their services. Discover has been incorporating credit scores into their clients’ digital and physical statements since 2013, leading many credit card users to actually anticipate receiving their bills.